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about us

KREAM  Group is an independent and professional entertainment and events organisation bureau which specialises in organising contemporary Oriental nightlife entertainment, concerts, gigs and high-end shows in Birmingham and Coventry UK.

We was first established in 2007 with a vision of creating events that has not been accomplished by other event organisers. To differentiate ourselves, we have constantly been working hard on finding new ideas and gimmicks to deliver a fresh and whole new memorable experience to each one of our events.

Why “KREAM”? The story behind the name “KREAM” was originated from wanting to be the “cream of the crop” within the Oriental entertainment industry. The KREAM title was inspired by the famous Wu Tang song “C.R.E.A.M” which stood for “Cash Rules Everywhere Around Me”.

This title truly associates with KREAM Entertainment’s inspiration and core values. KREAM Entertainment plans for further growth in the near future through diversifying into different industries and also moving in to the celebrity market to provide you with the latest artists from Asia, UK and US. 



We respect the views from each individual customer, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, appearance and background. Your needs and feedback is important to us, and enables us to continuously improve our services to meet your standards and expectations.


We don’t just aim to attract new customers, we aim to  maintain and develop relationships with our existing customers by building rapport and keeping close contact.


We value our loyal customers, therefore we often giveaway generous prizes at our events to show our appreciation.


To bring exciting and energetic Oriental events into the vibrant city of Birmingham to another level.

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